podcast-dl v8

It's almost been three years since I pushed the first commit of podcast-dl to GitHub. As I imagine with a lot of archiving tools, it initially was inspired by a need to fill a new Plex server with files. I ordered a 4K Blu-ray drive from someone in the midwest with a custom firmware to rip movies with MakeMKV. I used yt-dlp for grabbing important web videos, and I wanted a way to grab podcasts with all their metadata and images: podcast-dl v1 was published soon after.

v8 and its quick follow-ups are relatively small updates: more metadata and config options, better template options, and basic support for using a proxy. It's been fun to take inspiration from a few of the forks and figure out how I can better support their use cases. I can't always, but I do try!

Check it out if you ever need to archive a podcast feed.