Hey, I’m Josh Pohl.

I’m a full-stack software engineer building vibrant and accessible web platforms. I love walking, photography, and container queries.


Joined AKASA as a Senior Front-End Engineer

February 2024

Moved to Denver

February 2024

Pursuring new opportunities, we moved back to the continental US. Jackets and hiking boots are back in fashion.

A snowy river with Colorado mountains in the background

Yum Admin Launched

December 2022

Launched a full menu and device management system for Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and KFC — actively used to manage thousands of stores around the world. Built with TypeScript, React, GraphQL, and PostgreSQL.

Joined Yum as a Senior Full-Stack Engineer

July 2022

Moved to Oahu

June 2022

Looking for change of pace after living through the heights of the pandemic in San Antonio, my partner and I make the decision to move to Oahu.

An overcast look at the beach near Diamond Head Beach Park

Cameo Live Launched

September 2021

Built a mobile and web platform for celebrities to digitally host meet-and-greets, wrap parties, and other types of online events. Powered by TypeScript, React, React Native, MongoDB, and Agora.

Joined Cameo as a Senior Full-Stack Engineer

June 2021

Mercury CMS for the MTA Launched

July 2020

Created a new content management system for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to manage and deploy service alerts to social media and to informational screens within NYC stations. Built with TypeScript, React, Next.js, PostGraphile, and ProseMirror.

A dashboard image of the Mercury CMS

Released podcast-dl

April 2020

Released an open-source CLI for downloading and archiving podcasts.

Yap Launched

December 2019

Developed the front-end for Yap with TypeScript, React, and Emotion. The web client connects to a Phoenix channel for chatting, and the host of the room is able to share livestreams and videos to all participants.

The landing page of Yap.chat

VICE Redesign Launched

May 2019

Assisted VICE front-end engineering team with site redesign using TypeScript, Express, and React. Work included new templates, reusable components, and an overhaul of their API to GraphQL.

The VICE games section after the site redesign.

Joined Postlight as a Full-Stack Engineer

December 2018

Joined USAA as a Front-End Engineer

August 2016

Built a suite of reusable UI components in JavaScript and React to encompass their new design language. These components are used in many applications across USAA.