19 Days Out

At the start of 2022, I made a goal of getting back to running 20–30 miles per week. A little more than a year later, I'm finally able to comfortably manage that mileage in preparation for The Hapalua half-marathon happening in a few weeks. I've been gradually increasing the number of days I run per week as well, and I'm excited to jump up to 5 running days next week. It just feels nice that some days can be explicitly reserved for lower mileage or recovery runs. A gear change I've made this time is opting for an obnoxiously red running vest instead of the usual running belt or arm band. It's much more comfortable for large key fobs and growing phone sizes.

As far as my actual training program, I've been mostly following Hal Higdon's Half Marathon Training: Novice 2. Hal Higdon's novice programs have been my go-to since I started running and are simple to follow: cover the distance at a low-effort pace and walk if you need to. Easy enough. I'm nowhere near the fastest I've ever been, but I know it'll come back with time.